Constantine Community Foundation - YAC Grant Application

Complete the following form in its entirety. After filling in the form, click the button to create your printable pages.

Be sure you have completed the entire application
Make 5 copies of both forms

Application and required attachments must be returned to:
* Constantine Youth Advisory Council Grant Review Committee
C/O Constantine Area Community Foundation 310 N. Franks Ave., Sturgis, MI 49091

DUE DATE: the Last Friday in February


Date of Application:
Name of school or organization applying:
Program Advisor: Telephone Number:
Name of program and/or project:
Amount of funds requested:

Purpose for which funds will be used if grant is approved. Please be specific:

Is there youth involvement in the planning and/or implementation of this project? Yes
What grade levels, age group (18 & unders) and numbers will be served?

Which of the following issues does your application plan to address?
Drug Abuse Alcohol Abuse Teen sexuality issues/Pregnancy/Rape
Bullying/Racism/Harassment Tobacco Use  

Are there any other financial resources for this project? Yes
If "Yes", what are they?

Does your organization have tax-exempt status under section 501c3 of the Internal revenue Code? Yes
If you answered "Yes", please submit one copy of the IRS letter of exemption with this application)  

List the names, titles and telephone numbers of two professionals familiar with the work of your organization:

Do you agree to mention the Constantine Area Commuity Foundation and the Constantine Youth Advisory Counci
l in all news release, publications, etc. when appropriate? Yes

Name and telephone number(s) of person(s) who will attend a scheduled interview with the Youth Advisory Council?